Our Infrastructure
  • Our smart classrooms provide the students fantastic platform for their future.
  • The cafeteria provides fresh & hygienic food to students.
  • College enhances the physical & mental development of the students with sports activities.
  • Om engineering college has been providing Mineral Drinking Water facility to the student and staff.
  • Book Bank facility is also provided to all students.
  • Department of Computer Engineering is established in the year 2011, the Computer Engineering department is one of the youngest departments in the institute.
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Why OM?

We believe in making.
We believe in KNOW and GROW.
Student\'s success is our ultimate AIM.
WE is our REAL strength.

Life @ OM

The Computer Lab Facility

  • Well equipped computer centre with specialized labs of Database, Programming lab, Project lab, N/w lab, Computer Graphics & Multimedia and Linux lab. The huge lab has a facility where each student can have hands-on experience in practical applications that enhances the knowledge in the theory classes.
  • Licensed software like Microsoft Campus Agreement which includes Windows XP, M